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New Patient Appointment

New Patient Appointment


First-Visit Information

To allow us to get acquainted with you and your health issues, we need to get your comprehensive medical and dental history.  We provide new patient forms, which must be completed before we see you. We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to you or your child’s appointment to fill them out.  Alternatively, you may download the forms from our website to print and fill out at your convenience. Just remember to bring them with you when you come in.


New Patient Visit

On your initial visit, we will spend an extensive hour gathering information with regard to your Dental Health.  The visit includes a Comprehensive Intra/Extra Oral Examination of both hard and soft tissue with Digital X-rays, Periodontal Evaulation, and a Head/Neck Examination.  On this first day, a myriad of data will be collected to allow us to know what the patient's needs, wants and desires are.  Unfortunately, we  are not in a position to start a dental cleaning on the intial visit because we are unable to predict what your needs before this time. However, you will be reserved a time to return for your hygiene needs and a consultation.  Prior to departing, you will have an opportunity to go over the financial details pertaining to your upcoming visit. 

Thank you for considering Etheridge Family Dentistry for your dental health care.

We look forward to meeting and welcoming you to our office!