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We never know what life will bring except Time; time alone can take away one of our strongest attributes, a beautiful smile. Chipping, wear, discoloration and misalignment are elements that can occur over time. We haven’t figured out a way to stop time, but with natural looking restorations, we can make time appear to go backwards, and give you the youthful smile you desire.

A “natural-looking restoration” is any kind of tooth restoration (crown, veneers, inlays, onlays, implants and fillings) that restores your teeth and smile back to it’s most natural, beautiful appearance.

Dr. Ty Etheridge and his skilled team will do everything they can to turn back the clock with todays advanced technologies, hours of continuing education and astute ability to blend artistry with dentistry.

Create a great first impression with the help of cosmetic dentistry. A beautiful, confident smile plays a significant role in not only your self-image, but also the way other people see you. Whether you are looking to enhance the shape, color, size, or alignment of your teeth, procedures such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, gum contouring, bonding and cosmetic dental implants can provide the solution. Dr. Ty Etheridge can provide you with the results you desire.

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About Dr. Ty

Dr. Ty’s artistic ability and advanced training in esthetic dentistry allows him to transform your less-than-perfect teeth into an unforgettable smile. A cosmetic consultation is recommended to assess what options are available for you. Your consultation will take approximately one hour and includes a preliminary exam by the doctor and digital diagnostic photographs of the smile zone. Utilizing the information collected, the doctor will provide you with cosmetic options and solutions, the cost of the procedures, and an explanation of what the procedures entail. You will also have the opportunity to view a myriad of before and after photographs of actual patients who have had a similar procedure. Take a look at some of cases posted below.

cosmetic before/after gallery


case #1

Results: The patient loved their new smile and continues to enjoy their smile everyday. 

This was an exceptionally special and exciting case to work through.

When I met the patient, they was under the care of a periodontist and a dentist for about ten years. They had a number of implants fail and was told “he could not grow bone and had been wearing temporaries on all their teeth during all these years. They had lost all hope and figured they would never be able to eat meat again. Our team designed a plan to help our patient achieve their dreams of having a healthy stable mouth. We rebuilt their mouth with a total of 16 implants that spanned individual teeth along with bridging many missing tooth areas.

We engaged in creating a team to journey down this road to get them to their dreams of having a healthy stable mouth.

To accomplish this we rebuilt their mouth with a total of 16 implants that spanned individual teeth along with bridging many missing tooth areas.

Once this was completed, four of the back teeth were (restored with crowns replacing the failing restorations and) to fill the negative space in their smile.


case #2

Results: The patient was thrilled with the outcome and enjoys smiling now. 

Details: The patient did not like their poorly matched existing bridge with tooth angles that were not correct presenting a less than desirable appearance. 

After examining the best options we decided to replace their bridge and three veneers on the left side that mirrored the same teeth as the bridge. 


case #3

Results: The patient is so pleased with their outstanding results and is enthusiastically smiling again.

Details: The patient was wearing a removable denture for years after not having success (due to implants that failed which) supported a bridge, they were fearful of implant failure again. So, doing new implants was not an option and they was tired of wearing a removable denture. 

Based on their experience, we decided the best option was doing a long spam permanent bridge with abutting (stabilizing) off two teeth on each side and added tissue color porcelain to fill the deficient tissue/bone, yielding better aesthetics. 


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